Hot Milk Cake
Ingredients for 4 people
Hot Milk Cake Ingredients

    Butter 100 g
    Tap one step
    Eggs 4 pcs
    Sesame 1 tbsp
    White flour two-cup confectionery
    Pump half a teaspoon
    Vanilla half a teaspoon
    Salt a fifth of a teaspoon
    Baking powder two teaspoons
    One-Minute Sugar + One-quarter-Button

How to make a hot milk cake

To prepare a hot milk cake, first remove the milk and butter from the fridge to allow it to adapt to the ambient temperature. Mix the powder and salt with flour and scrape it three times. Then separate the eggs in a bowl. And in a big bowl

Add vanilla, sugar and honey to it, and mix with medium-sized agitator for 5 minutes. Then stir the ingredients until it is aged. Turn on the flask and let 175 ° C warm for 15 minutes. .

Then add the milk to the milk and add the butter, and place it on a gentle heat so that the sides of the whipping water begin to boil, which turns off the heat at the same moment, and adds little to the egg material.

We mix with the spoon and mix 30 seconds of the ingredients, and then add the mixture of sifting flour in 2 steps to the mixture and mix it with a spoon or a lotion, and if the ingredients are not uniform enough,

Mix the material with a fast electric mixer for 7 seconds. Of course, we should not be too careful to blend the ingredients because the puff cake sleeps. We then grease the mold with brush and spray a little of flour or lay the paper on the floor of the mold.

And pour the cake into the mold and add some sesame to it, then let it in, and let it cook for a 45 minute temperature of 175 ° C for 45 minutes. After baking the cake 3 minutes later, we remove the cake and allow it to cool.

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