Numbers: 305016
Item description: sandwich
Specification: 5 kg
Box capacity: 5 kg x 2 bag
Tasting notes: chocolate

Numbers: 307021
Item description:puddings.
Specification: 35 g
Box capacity: 5 kg/box
Tasting notes: corn flavour

Numbers: 307042
Item description: jelly
Specification: 80 g
Box capacity: 5 kg/box
Tasting notes: fruitiness

Numbers: 312004
Item description: crepes
Specification: 24 g
Box capacity: 3 kgx2 bag
Taste: coffee taste
Many body partial fat or worry about fat friends, always think in the daily diet

Mung bean sprout it contains moisture content more, be absorbed by the body

Alleviate mood, relieve pressure. Chocolate can improve the brain in a
The researchers to a group of more than 80 - year - old old woman on the

Carrot is a kind of rich nutrition, all appropriate plant of the old, called...